A Selfless Look on Taking a Selfie

There’s something icky about being able to pose fabulously well in front of the camera… IF YOU’RE A GUY. It’s just not acceptable, laugh if you must. But admit it: for some of us girls, documenting ourselves thru photos minus the narcissistic undertones is CLOSE to impossible.

While it has become routine for some, taking a selfie, not surprisingly, should call for a little self-evaluation. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourselves before clicking the shutter of your phone or tablet, much less posting and sharing your photos to the world.


Why do you take selfies in the first place?

There are questions that will give us sleepless nights. How will the world react upon seeing my new pair of sunglasses? More importantly, do I make it look good?

Whether we admit it or not, vanity is the main reason why we take selfies.  But before you get accused of fishing for compliments, you may wanna follow up with this question: Do people really care if my new hat brings out my blue eyes?

How often do you take (post and share) your selfies?

Oh yes, it’s addictive. Very often you see people posting selfies from their android tablet after using usb 3.0 docking station stand almost everyday. Heck, there may even be others who post theirs every single day of their lives. Well unless it’s offensive, I say, “to each his own.”

There are people who use selfies to keep track of their weight loss, and by doing so, they are practically being an inspiration to other people, which is good.

How do you react upon seeing other people’s selfies?

What comes to your mind when you see the selfies of people that are close to you? How about those who you don’t even know? Before posting and sharing your own selfie, remember what you think about others. Chances are this is what others will think when they see yours.

But then again, taking selfies is one’s prerogative, so there you go. This phenomenon makes people happy because it allows them to be cute, what’s wrong with that?

But hey, remember this: there’s a whole lot of difference between taking a selfie with your new sunglasses on and taking a selfie with your new sunglasses on, WHILE TWERKING.

You know what I mean. Next time, I may even give you tips on taking the perfect selfie, so stay cute everyone!

 Here are some of selfies that went viral on the internet: 






  1. hahahahahaha omg. The selfie with the teacher having contractions. HILARIOUS.
    Really good post, selfie's definitely can be a form of vanity.. but you know what? A few here and there never hurt anybody!
    In a way we're documenting our youth, our experiments and maybe even a little memento of a moment in time where we were feeling confident and ready to take on the world.


    1. Yes, that selfie with the teacher really caught my attention. It's really funny! If this thing make us all happy and confident as you said, then there's no wrong in taking selfies. Thanks for dropping by Sarah! :)

  2. Oh what a fantastic post!! :) You know, I always feel so self-consious taking a selfie. I feel like it's a teenage thing to do, and I'm.. well, not a teenager :)
    I constantly have to remind myself that this is work-related and part of what I do as a blogger. Still, I try to find a private place to do it...
    But hey, if the Pope does it... I guess it really is ok :)


    1. Yeah there's no harm in trying. xoxo Thanks for reading Irina. :)

  3. cool post love the teacher, baby and pope ones

    1. I love that too raven. Thanks for dropping by! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Joy! I'm glad that you liked it. :)

  5. selfie is such a big thing right now! i love taking them even though i'm not addicted lol. Pope Francis is so awesome in the selfie!

    Pudding Monster

  6. I personally don't post a lot of selfies, and feel kind of insecure upon the realization that a lot of people will see it and evaluate it. But lately i realize that posting a photo of myself makes me feel more confident. Which is good i suppose... Although it can be annoying whenever someone post too much selfies everyday, but then i guess if it does them good the way it does to me, then why not?

    I might blabber too much but that's what i do when i see an interesting topic. Very nice article by the way! :)





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