Give Your LED Sign Content a Quick Makeover

Your full color LED sign can do a lot for your business. However, if you don’t know how to maximize its potential, there is a big chance that you won’t get the result that you want from your investment. 

If you have already installed your LED sign board and have been using it for the past six to twelve months, but haven’t seen much change in traffic in your store, it’s time to check your current practices and come up with a better strategy.

Here’s a quick guide on how you can make your LED sign advertisement look better.

1.    Examine your current practice

Look at your outdoor sign? Is it located in the best location? Is the angle right for proper viewing and greater exposure? If not, try to relocate it in a place where there is heavier foot traffic and make sure that the height as well as the angle is right to make it more visible for your customers.

Another thing to check when doing an audit of your digital signage is the effectiveness of your content. Ask your team or your loyal customers about their opinion on the wordings as well the font and colors used in your LED sign. Check the transition speed and the length of your ads to see if it’s just enough to be viewed from start to finish.

2.    Learn more about your LED sign

A lot of LED board owners commit the mistake of not knowing enough about their digital display. To avoid this, do your best to read instructional materials that comes with your purchase. Try out its different features and graphic style to make sure that you get to use all of its features for all your content creation. 

3.    Hire a professional to create your ads

When you reach a dead end in your content creation, you might also consider hiring a professional to do your advertisement for you. Although this may seem more expensive, it can actually help you maximize your LED sign better. You may learn how to create a simple ad but sometimes a professional knows how colors and other element work for you and your business.

4.     Get feedback from your team before uploading your content

Lastly, before uploading any content, make sure to get other people’s opinion about it. Encourage them to share constructive criticism on your content to make sure that it will come out looking great and impressive for your customers.


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