Why Sunglasses Stores must keep on Upselling their Sunglasses During the Winter Season?

 Many of us perceived that this piece of eye accessory is solely appropriate during the midst of summer. Little did we know that wearing sun specs on winter can be as important as sporting it on an ordinary high noon.

Sunglasses Stores must keep on Upselling their Sunglasses During the Winter Season

For most sunglasses retailers, they think selling sunglasses during the yuletide rush isn’t going to cut it, as most of them think that wearing sunglasses on winter season looks ridiculously unfashionable and unpractical. If this is your perception, then perhaps you have to rethink.

To help you with that, here are some of the reasons why you should keep your sunglasses collection on sale this coming holiday/winter season.

Snow can Cause higher Glare during Winter

If you happen to know a bit about flash photography and/or filmmaking, the reason why they keep those white reflectors and Styrofoam board is to intensify available light that is needed to enhance the sharpness/glow of the subject. The same goes with the sun’s rays and the white snow from the surface. The snow can greatly intensify the sun’s light as it bounces through the surface, making it more hazardous especially while driving.

UV Rays Don’t Have Holiday Breaks

UV rays are harmful 24/7. And there’s no proven study that these rays less intensify during the winter. To be clear, UV rays is just as harmful in the winter as they are during summer. A big pile of snow won’t stop this harmful element from damaging your eyes.

It Shields your Eyes from Snow Debris, Wind, Snowflakes and Dust Particles

A given reason and primarily the main purpose why we wear sunglasses apart from being innately stylish, since our eyes are constantly exposed to all kinds of dust particles and other elements that may deem dangerous and hazardous . Not to mention, winter can give you the worst case of eye irritation due to constant drying. And that’s sensible enough to wear shades on cold season.

Sunglasses is still Fashionable during the Winter Season

There’s a reason why designers called it “Winter Collection”. There are certain types of fashionable sunglasses that are dedicated to complement your sophisticated “cool” style, even when gracing the streets in the cold breeze of the winter season. These collections uphold your fashion statement without compromising your sharp winter ensemble. So there’s no reason why you should drop the sun specs this coming season.

Besides, sunglasses are great gift ideas for Christmas!


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