10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sunglasses

10 things about sunglasses
Sunglasses for many people are considered to be the utmost of eye protection there is on a particular sunny day. But for others, they consider it as a fashion statement, something that reflects their personality, style and affluence. But whatever reason you have for wearing it, you might want to know some facts about that pair of wholesale sunglasses you have on your wardrobe.

1. The world's first sunglasses are prehistoric. They were used by the Alaskan Intuit's. They didn't use lenses like the current standard sunglasses though, instead they were flattened pieces of walrus ivory with small slits carved out of the eye sections.

2. Men's sunglasses sell every 90 seconds on EBAY.

3. In the United States, every 14 Seconds someone loses, breaks or sits on a pair of sunglasses.

4. The most expensive sunglasses are signed by Chopard and designed by De Rigo Vision. It costs around $360,000--truly a millionaire's accessory.

5. The first guy to popularize the Aviator was not a celebrity, but rather General Douglas MacArthur. When he landed on a beach in the Philippines during WWII, photojournalists snapped pics that would give the shades their first global exposure.
facts about sunglasses

6. The Ray-Ban Aviator began purely as utilitarian gear. Since pilots were flying farther, faster, and higher than ever before, they would come down with massive headaches from the bright sun.  It was Lieutenant General John MacCready of the U.S. Air Corps called up Bausch & Lomb, who tackled the situation and unwittingly left the greatest mark on the history of eyewear.

7. The most expensive pair of sunglasses sold on eBay is Elvis Presley’s Madison Square Garden’s at $250,000.

8. It was on 1929 when Sam Foster introduced the first inexpensive mass-produced sunglasses to America in a market on the beaches of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

9. The singer Elton John is rumored to have a sunglasses collection of over 1000 pair.

10. According to stories, Roman Emperor Nero liked to watch gladiator fights through polished gems to recreate with the color and image distortion.


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