A Healthy You With Your Gadgets

These days, we use our gadgets even for the most mundane of things.  If you have your iPad, you may need to use your USB 3.0 docking station stand so that you’re sure you have enough power for watching videos, listening to music, and chatting with friends and family with the FaceTime app. But critics are saying we are getting too passive and sedentary because of our gadgets, and they’re one of the causes of poor health.

However, do you know that helpful things that the iPad has brought us are apps that help us maintain our health and fitness?  Even doctors and medical practitioners have found these apps to be great tools in educating people about the importance of having good health habits and living healthy lifestyles.  Most of the apps that contain a lot of useful information are usually paid apps, but there is no need to fret as there are still a number of free apps that you can download which can still be very good sources of information. 

These apps help lead the way to living a healthy life.

  • Fat Secret Calorie Counter

One of the more common health apps that you can see when you browse the App Store are calorie counters.  One iPad-optimized version is the FatSecret’s Calorie Counter.  This app can help you track down what you eat, your exercise routine, as well as your weight. It has a large database of food information as well as a barcode scanner that can help you get a more accurate data on the food that you take into your body. The user interface of this app is easy to use and very helpful as it has a diet calendar, exercise diary, and a food diary.  You would have to register at Fatsecret.com though in order to synch your data and let the program process it. Then, you can dock the iPad and transfer your results to your other devices like an Android tablet or a MacBook.
  • Fitness Free


Another application that you can download to help you achieve the perfect body that you want is Fitness Free.  This will help you make your own fitness regimen.  There are about 300 exercise routines that you can check out and add to your personal fitness log. Instructions and visuals on how to do the exercises will help you do the workout properly.  It also tells you how long and how often you should perform the exercises so as not to injure yourself while doing the routine.  Of course, the paid version has a lot more things to offer but the free version is enough for you to jumpstart your fitness program.
  • Pink Pad


Pink Pad Free helps the women track down their menstrual cycles and is also a health app.  This is a helpful tool especially to those who are looking into getting pregnant, as you would know when your fertile days would be. The Everyday Health app is a general health reference guide that you can turn to when emergency situations arise.  It has information on the top 50 health conditions. 

These health apps are indeed helpful in making us live healthier lives. 


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