Top 3 Common Mistakes When Using LED Displays

If you’re new owner of LED sign display, you might imagine a lot of great things that might happen to your business now that you have this important tool. It’s probably one of the biggest investments you have for your company and you might be looking forward to bringing in more sales through an advertisement you put up on your digital display.


However, before we get a little excited about everything, let us first go through the most common mistakes LED sign owner commits after they make a purchase. By going over this short list, we’re thinking that we can make your life easier and probably give you the result that you are looking for.

Mistake #1. Mounting Your Signs Too High

If you’re not addressing people from miles away, there is no need to install your LED sign in a very high place. And even if you are, there is a corresponding font size for that purpose to make sure that your ads are seen clearly by your intended audience. But if you’re targeting pedestrians and passersby, it’s enough to install your outdoor sign in an eye level to make sure that your signs are clear and readable.

Mistake #2. Forgetting call to action

You informed your audience about a promo, or a new product that you’re going to launch. Now, what? The right call to action phrases can actually help ensure that people will respond to your ads the way you want them to. Don’t just use popular cliché as your call to action. Use something active, smart and interesting. If you want to know the effect of your content, ask someone to read it and ask about the effect it has on her. Then change your content accordingly.

Mistakes #3. Not updating your ads

You have only few days or weeks before a greeting, an advertisement or an announcement turn stale and unappealing. Keep your ads fresh, short and simple. A digital display that is usually updated is better than a LED sign that contains Christmas greetings on February. Experiment and do not be afraid to try. If a content style doesn’t work the way it should, replace your style and come up with a better strategy to win your audience.

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