A Spring Look Inspired by Elsa’s Spring Dress

Elsa's Spring DressIf you already watched Cinderella, then you probably have seen the “Frozen Fever” short film as well where Elsa did her best to give Anna a “perfect birthday” but ended up getting sick. Thankfully, she happened to create this “mini marshmallows” that helped her bring Anna her best birthday ever but of course, with a little chaos first to Olaf and Kristoff who was in-charge of putting up the event. But one of the most astounding moments in the film was how Elsa magically changed her stunning, winter dress to a spring-inspired one.

And of course, this has something to happen with spring coming on its way. That’s why, what better way to welcome the season of blossom than to change your winter wardrobe. And to start it, let me give you this Elsa spring inspired spring look to wear this season.

Casual Spring Knee-Length Dress

Casual Spring Knee-Length Dress
Figure 1 - Image from Pinterest.com
Give off that casual vibrant look with this stunning sleeveless green casual spring dress. It features a round neckline with ribbon tie on its waist and ruffle skirt. It gives off that feathery, light look similar to Elsa’s stunning spring dress.

Floral-Colored Mid-Heel Wedges

Floral-Colored Mid-Heel Wedges
Figure 2 - BCBG Noreen Wedges Image from SheKnows.com
A part of Elsa’s spring dress was the floral accents so why don’t pick a floral-colored shoe to match the casual spring dress above. These blush BCBG Noreen Wedges is available for $40. It features a 3” inch wedge heel with flat platform and open-toe detail.

Wear this Adorable Inspired-Spring Sunglasses

Inspired-Spring Sunglasses
Figure 3 - Lady Lace Party Sunglasses from GotShades.com
Okay, Elsa might have not been wearing any sunglasses so why break the statement yourself and don this adorable pair of sunglasses from Got Shades.com.  This Lady Lace Party Sunglasses features slight cat-eye sunglasses accentuated with cute, pastel flower details.

After wearing these three, then add that one final touch to your Elsa inspired-spring look by braiding your hair and letting down those tiny baby bangs on your side, then you’re ready to show the world your first spring look.


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