5 Must Have Accessories to Get Ready for Spring Break

It's Spring! And if you are getting ready for your spring break vacation then you better start packing those outfits and accessories on your travel bag. But what exactly are the accessories you might want to consider bringing on your travel, well, that’s what our topic for today is about. We’re going to help you sort out the accessories you will need before saying “goodbye” to your term papers and saying “hello” to the beach.

• Sun’s up so must be the sunglasses.

EyeDentification Sunglasses

EyeDentification Sunglasses from GotShades.com
There ain’t any better way to be stylish in the beach to wear a pair of fashionable sunglasses. Pair those bikinis with the right sunglasses and I’m sure eyes will follow you as you walk by the beach side with that oozing summer vibe.

• Turn your headset’s volume up and relax by the beach.

Beats by Dre Sky Blue Light
Forget the times you are so stressed out reviewing for the exams and doing your term papers that you hardly had a time to even listen to your playlist. Well, now you can listen all day long to your playlist and chill by the beach or the pool.

• Some jewelry please.

Spring Jewelry Collection

Spring Jewelry Collection from www.viecouture.com
Well, it doesn’t need to be an expensive one but make sure to bring some adorable piece of earrings or bracelet you can wear on the beach. Anklets are actually a nice piece of jewelry to include in your list.

• Don’t forget to protect your phone.

iPhone 5 Spring Color Pink Flip Cover

iPhone 5 Spring Color Pink Flip Cover from Ebay.com
It doesn’t a psychic to predict that this spring break, your Facebook newsfeed as well as your own phone is going to be filled with a lot of selfies. And that means your phones going to be used a lot! So better protect your phone with a stylish and durable case.  Putting one on your phone will protect it against water, dust and dirt--and most of all, it protects your phone if you accidentally drop it.

• A mini-bag to place your belongings.

Mini Travel Shoulder Bag
Mini Travel Shoulder Bag from www.mochithings.com

This one’s important. Since your own a travel, aside from your luggage, I think it’s prudent to bring a mini bag as well where you can place your wallet, phone and other important belongings.

Just remember to bring all these things, and you’re ready to go on your vacation. Enjoy and relax!


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