Cruella de Vil’s Fashion Style in 2015 – an Inspired Outfit

Remember the Elsa Spring inspired outfit last time? Well, guess what, I’ve enjoyed some Disney flicks over the weekend and again encounter one, if not the most, fashionable characters in the Disney world—the Devil Woman, Cruella de Vil. Yes, you saw her and you hated her for stealing those cute little Dalmatian puppies but nonetheless after all these years, you might have noted that her sense of fashion is indeed marvelous and one-of-a-kind.

So for a meantime, let’s forget all our ill thoughts about the high fashion diva and make way for two stunning outfit I’ve collected over the internet, inspired by our dearest villain, Cruella de Vil.

Cruella de Vil’s Fashion Style

The Cruella De Vil Look by Prancing in Platforms + Peplums


Talk about grandiose and pompous, this outfit is sure to win that “Cruella De Vil” look. Achieve this look with a plain sleeveless black dress, bloody red chic gloves that embodies evilness, animal-printed high heel pumps (and please, makes sure it’s synthetic), furry clutch bag and of course, a dash of red lipstick. After everything is set, get that furry coat, her undying fashion statement, to complete her look. You can also add a pair of animal printed wholesale sunglasses as an added accessory.

Cruella de Vil’s Fashion

Cruella De Vil by Austin Wanderland

What's famous about Cruella de Vil other from her fur coats is how she tones down her red and black strong look with a tinge of turquoise in her style—her earrings—which you can see in the animated version. Play with this look by wearing a black deep v-neck dress with a white furry coat, red long gloves and glitter high heel pumps, add a little black hair feathery accessory and a animal printed bag, then viola, you’re now Cruella de Vil. Complete this look with a pair of turquoise earrings. For your make up, smudge some turquoise eyeshadow, thick mascara and apply a thin eye liner for that intimidating look.


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