Flower Power Outfits to Rock Your Style!

It’s Spring and there couldn’t be any more appropriate time than this one to rock those floral outfits you’ve got stuck in your wardrobe all during winter. But if somehow, you have no idea how to suit up your floral dress or shirt, or worse, you don’t even have a floral outfit for this season then you might want to check out these three floral power outfits that will totally rock your style and turn heads to your direction.

#1 - Floral Tank Top

Floral Tank Top
Rock this style with a floral tank top paired with a pair of black skinny jeans and beige high pumps. You can also put on added accessories to emphasize your style such as gold earrings, beige clutch and shades that looks match with your floral tank top.

#2 – Going Floral All the Way

Going Floral All the Way

Who says going floral all the way would be kind of risky? Well, this outfit will prove you that you’re so wrong! Complete this ensemble with a floral ruffle dress, a champagne pink scarf with floral design, floral sandals and a flora printed bag. To add a little more color, put on a colorful beaded bracelet and a pair of brown cat-eye wholesale sunglasses.

#3 – Floral Shorts

Floral Shorts
Going on the beach this weekend? Then these floral shorts matched with a simple cantaloupe sleeveless shirt paired with brown crisscross sandals. Then add up a pink-beaded gold-rose bracelet and a simple bag.

#4 – Floral Skirt

Floral Skirt
Fun and flirty, Outfit Additions Blog put up this outfit with describing it as something: “so light and airy, from the tied blouse to the strappy sandals heels.” You can also add some “simple earthy jewelry like the hammered pendant necklace to the branch shaped drop earrings and the gold feather bracelet”.

#5 – Casual Floral

Casual Floral
Going out on a lunch date? Also from Outfit Additions, this outfit consists of a simple floral pattern which is both conservative yet adorable which you can accessorize with a black onyx pendant, blue bead earrings and bracelet. You can also add up a white clutch bag and a pair of black shades.


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