Tribute to Adam Levine…Not Quite

I am so getting the hang of making lists.

The idea this time came when I was looking at an affordable android tablet PC being displayed in the department store. It was showing the video for the song Preaching the End of the World by Chris Cornell. Ah, that sexy beast of a crooner. 

What else but to make a list of five of the sexiest male rockers of all time. Why five? Because I say so. Sorry Adam Levine fans, you won’t see him in here. But I guarantee you he almost made it to the list if not for a minor technicality – you see Mr. Levine is a very good-looking fella. So good-looking it feels like he’s gonna break into bubblegum pop every time I see him on TV.

Chris Cornell 



Talented and mysterious – somehow he reminds me of Johnny Depp. I’m talking genuine mystery here, people. Chris Cornell possesses one of the most versatile voices in rock; versatile in that he can sound overly aggressive at one time and suddenly smoke sweetness right at the next bar.

Kurt Cobain


The grunge god. There is just so much character inside of him. I like the fact that he can be the funniest guy in the room before going home to keep to himself and just make great, honest music. He has that raw rock and roll sensibility that only a chosen few possesses.

Robert Plant 



 Much like bands such as Pink Floyd and Rush, Led Zeppelin is a band formed in heaven. Part of that can be attributed to the effect frontman Robert Plant has on people, particularly women. The way he moves on stage, the way he plays with his voice, ahh. Watch any Led Zeppelin concert DVD and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Joe Cocker


 Joe Cocker is a man…with a man’s voice. Never mind that he keeps on emphasizing how beautiful the girl is in the song You are so Beautiful. I mean Joe is a man… with a man’s voice. Look, I like Justin Timberlake but listening to Joe Cocker is a totally different experience. You know why? Because he is a man… with a man’s voice.

Dave Grohl


Dave Grohl has got to be the funniest guy in rock. Next to brain, sense of humor is the most important attribute a man can ever have. After all, sense of humor is wisdom. I’ve been in love with him since his days with Nirvana, and even more with Foo Fighters. It almost grew to fatal attraction after his Grammy acceptance speech. I’m kidding, of course.

Honorable mentions: Jeff Buckley, Buddy Holly, Henry Rollins, Lenny Kravitz, Anthony Kiedis, Jim Morrison, David Gilmour, Joey Ramone, Layne Stayley... really, I could go on and on. Okay, and Adam Levine.


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