Is Android Already Ahead?

Because of the recent flood of new Apple products, from the latest iPhones, the 5c and 5s to the release of the new operating system, the iOS7, many Android fanboys might be thinking that Google is losing to Apple. Fortunately, despite the recent launches from Apple, Android still keeps up. If you put the iPad to an affordable Android tablet computer, you would even think that the Android tablet is more expensive. In fact, in most camps (after all, Android is more widely used than Apple’s iOS), the operating system known for its sweet, dessert-y names is miles ahead of Apple. 

Here are some things that make the Android ahead of the game versus the iOS:

Sharing Options

On any Apple product, you can only share content via basic choices like Message, Mail, Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. On an affordable Android tablet, you can share content anywhere. You can move content through any installed app with sharing capabilities.


Sure, there are no complaints about the typing experience in iOS 7 on the iPad or iPhone, but Android still offers more options. You can replace the default keyboard on your Android with any third-party software keyboard, like the easy-to-use Swype.


You know how hard it is to customize on any iOS product. If you want to customize your smartphone or tablet, there is no limit with Android. You can change whatever you want. If you want, you can even download an iOS 7.

File System

One great thing about Android is that when you plug it into your computer, you can see a file system just like any other computer. You can just drag and drop a file from your computer into your tablet or smartphone. You cannot do this with any Apple product. Accessing files on an iPad by plugging it into a PC is unheard of. But then, even if you are using a MacBook, it is still a challenge.


Although the iOS7 presents a revamped version of the iPhone Notification Center, the Notification Bar on an Android phone or tablet is still better. When you see something in Android’s notification bar, you can immediately respond without opening the app first. You can even send e-mail even without separately opening the mail app.

Google Now Versus Siri

Google Now is faster than Siri when you are asking questions. It can analyse web pages to find the most relevant information. Siri only searches Bing, not Google. Obviously, that’s slower.


Despite the fact that the iPad and the iPhone are more expensive than their Android counterparts, it does not mean that the more affordable Android tablet and smartphone does not offer quality. Google, as it now continuously updating its software, is now nearly ahead of Apple. Soon, it will be even better than the said fruit.


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