The Funniest LED Signs you will Ever See on the Road

Every now and then we get to see signs that crack us up…okay, perhaps only when hackers are on a rampage. Not too sure but there are reports that these funny electronic signs were hacked.
Of course there’s nothing funny about electronic signage in itself. In fact, LED signs have been a big help to various establishments. You go to the nearest restaurant, for example, and you see a outdoor tri-color LED sign to attract customers. They also help government agencies in imparting valuable information, among many things.

But let’s get past all the benefits for now. I decided to write about this topic after seeing a funny LED sign on my way to the mall. Unlike most of the ones on this list, it wasn’t a product of hacking but just the same it cracked me up. After all, hacking is never a good practice. So until the cops collar them hackers, we have these to enjoy:

“Rogue panda on rampage”
You know what this means? The Chinese are coming!

Well like they haven’t arrived yet. Hey, no offense meant here. I got a lot of Chinese friends. I would hate to offend Mr. Wang at a downtown supermarket who sells good quality secondhand umbrellas. 

 “OMG the British are coming”

Depends on how you look at things, this could be better than the first one.

Or not.
 “Prepare to be annoyed”

This is actually some decent warning. At least you have the opportunity to prepare yourself for the BS ahead. You’d have the hacker to thank if your driver has been undergoing anger management.

 “You’ll never get to work on time haha!”

This is funnier than the electronic sign above as it takes the cake on open mockery. Good job on being specific. No sorry, this is bad.

 “Pool table rules…”

The owner of the table must be bisexual. I mean he/she didn’t bother putting in his/her preference… not that there’s anything wrong with it. 

“Black Angus Steakhouse”

There really is nothing wrong with this…until you realize how it will read if the LED bulbs used for the third letter of the second word are defective.

So there you go. I’m sure there are a lot more crazy signs out there. You may want to add to this list if you see something on the road. Don’t limit yourself to digital signage. If it’s funny, put it in here!


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