Have a Happy Chinese New Year!


Your affordable Android tablet computer can let you celebrate Chinese New Year better! Can you believe it? With so many apps available on Google Play, you can surely find some apps to help you usher in the year of the Horse right.

Android Apps for Chinese New Year

  • Pleco Chinese Dictionary

Cost: FREE for the basic app       

What it does:  This is an app that aims to be a Chinese learning companion for those who are trying to learn the Chinese language on their own.  It is an integrated dictionary, document reader and flashcard system.  It also has an ability to recognize handwriting input.

Who should download: This is ideal for those who are learning the Chinese language but do not have the time to go back to a formal school for it. 

Is it worth it: The app is worth purchasing as it helps in mastering the language.  It can be done in one’s own pace.  Since it can be installed in any affordable android tablet, it makes it easier to learn the language.

  • Feng Shui Sleeping Compass

Cost: FREE

What it does: We all know that Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese system used in aesthetics by applying the laws of Heaven and Earth to be able to improve one’s life and get more positive energy. A lot of people nowadays apply this system in decorating their homes and offices as well as in knowing where and which direction to sleep.  The app acts as a compass so that you would know which direction you should face when sleeping. 

Who should download: People who are having problems sleeping or those that want to feel more energized when they wake up.

Is it worth it: If you want to give it a try, then there is no harm downloading it as it is free of charge.

  • Reuters Chinese News

Cost: FREE

What it does: This is considered to be one of the best apps to download for those who prefer to read the news in their native Chinese language. It is user-friendly too so getting the up to date news is easy.
Who should download: This is perfect for those who use their affordable Android tablet to read the news in Chinese.

Is it worth it: It is worth it for those who prefer to read the news in Chinese.  It can also be helpful for those learning the language.

  • Chef Panda - Chinese Food

Cost: FREE

What it does: This is an app where you can access more than 400++ Chinese recipes which you can cook at home. It is categorized according to the kind of dishes making it easy for you to choose which dish to prepare.

Who should download: Home cooks who prefer to prepare an authentic Chinese feast for the family.

Is it worth it: This app is worth downloading if you are into Chinese food and you would like to prepare it at home.  You can be sure that it is homemade and good for your family without a lot of MSG. 


  1. I always forget about Chinese New Year. I used to go into China Town in Manchester a lot , I'd forgotten how much fun it can be!. Think the only app suitable for me would be the Chinese Food one and even then I live down the road from a Chinese take-out!!

  2. That fung shui sleeping compass seems interesting! I have the hardest time falling asleep and staying asleep unless my alarm is going off, in which case, I snooze right through it! Thank you for sharing!
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