The Trendiest Android Games Through the Years

One of the most popular uses of affordable Android tablet computers is playing games. Every year, there seems to be a game or two that stands above the rest ion terms of popularity. Let’s step back in time and reminisce on those games that have become the hottest downloads on tablets in the past.

Angry Birds


Objective of the Game: The objective of this game is to kill the pigs who got the eggs of the birds by slinging the birds towards the direction of where the pigs are. Of course, there are obstacles that must be overcome before the pigs could be killed. 

Heyday: Since its launch several years ago, this game has become the most downloaded and played game on any affordable Android tablet there is.  

Still Hot or Not Anymore: This game is still going strong as different versions have been released including the Star Wars version. They even came out with the version wherein the pig is the main character.  You would know that it is still hot because of the variety of available merchandise everywhere.

Temple Run



Objective of the Game: The objective of the game is to run and get as many coins as you can while avoiding the obstructions or else be eaten by gigantic monkeys or falling off the trail.

Heyday: During its heyday, one’s Facebook page would be full of updates who among your friends have beaten who in terms of the longest run they were able to make before stumbling. People would even do contests on who would be able to run the longest. 

Still Hot or Not Anymore: It is not as hot as it was during its heyday because of the many games that have a similar look and feel and objective that have sprouted on the downloads store.  Also, it can get quite boring after playing it for some time.

Plants Versus Zombies



Objective of the Game: The objective of the game is to protect the house from being run by zombies.  This can be done with the help of plants that shoot peas, stomp on and eat zombies among other things.  There are also bombs that instantly kill the zombies when detonated.

Heyday:  This started as a game that can be played on the desktop computer but quickly spread to smartphones and the any of the affordable android tablet in the market.

Still Hot or Not Anymore: This is still a significant game as a new version, Plants vs. Zombies 2, was released only recently.

Candy Crush



Objective of the Game: The objective of the game is to be able to go through all the phases and reach the end of the trail by successfully completing the challenges set for each phase.

Heyday: The heyday of this game was when almost everyone can be seen swiping candies across the screens of their tablet PCs and smartphones.  People were willing to pay just to buy the extra candies to be able to complete the challenges. Make sure you buy a quality tablet PC for better experience.

Still Hot or Not Anymore: It is not as popular as it was before, when you would be getting life requests every so often when you check your game.


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