Surf in Style With Your Android Tablet

One of the most popular uses of your affordable Android tablet PC is mobile surfing. But your surfing experience won’t be satisfactory if you don’t use the right web browser that fits your personality and needs. 

Here are some browsers for your consideration:



What Makes It Tick:  It can support all operating system platforms like Mac and Windows.   This is best used for those who like their browsing to be an organized activity.  It is simple to use and supports IDM which Chrome cannot as of the moment. It also has a pop-up blocking system that makes your surfing time more enjoyable. 

Areas for Improvement: It can be a bit slow at times and can be quite strict when it comes to compatibility issues.


What Makes It Tick: This is one of the fastest growing web browsers when it comes to its followers and users. Google launched it with the intention of giving the users totally whole new experience when surfing the Internet either on their affordable Android tablet or desktop computer.  It is said to be fast, safe and reliable because it works well with the android platform.

Areas for Improvement:  Its security vulnerabilities are something that their developers should be able to focus on.  Especially now that most information is sent online, having a secure connection will make users more confident in using this platform as a means to exchange even sensitive data and information. But remember to choose a quality android tablet first.


What Makes It Tick: If you are browsing the web mostly on your affordable android tablet, then chances are you have come across the Dolphin browser.  This is developed mainly for android and iOS devices which means, it has a limited audience. It requires minimal disk storage to install and it is capable of running Adobe Flash. 

Areas for Improvement:
It can come up with a pc-based format as it only now comes for android and iOS devices.


What Makes It Tick: This web browser boasts itself of having cutting-edge multi-modal features and fast navigation speeds.  It has a lot of keyboard shortcuts and accepts voice commands.  This browser is known to have developed what is now the standard in web browsing such as tabbed browsing and built-in search features.

Areas for Improvement:  The browser itself is already acceptable however, there are still reports of compatibility issues which have to be addressed by the developers. There are websites that could not load properly because of this. Also, it is lacking in parental controls which you can find on other browsers.


What Makes It Tick: This is another alternative for mobile browsers on any affordable android tablet.  It’s been around for quite some time now and is on its 6th version.  It has its own app store where you can get apps, themes and other add-ons to customize your browser.  You can also customize the gesture controls to make your browsing experience more fun.

Areas for Improvement: The design could use some tweaking so that it can have a bit of originality and not make it look like the Opera browser.  It can also improve on the gesture controls as it can be unstable at times.


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