Fun Facts about LED (part 1)

Did you know that a total of 32, 256 LED lights were used for the Times Square ball drop during the New Year’s Eve?

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Betcha didn’t know that.

Well, not that it matters, but if you are into LED signage it might be good to know some fun facts about LED. LED lights require no warmup time, they last longer than ordinary lights, and save a lot on energy – you already know these things. Here are some more wild, interesting facts about LED – all of which point to why an LED sign is the best choice for your lighting needs.

LED = Light Emitting Diodes – First things first: Yes, LED stands for Light Emitting Diodes. You know what’s interesting about this? There are people, who despite acknowledging and experiencing the many benefits of LED technology, still do not have any idea what LED stands for.

LED is that versatile. LED lights have a variety of application both indoors and outdoors. At home they can be

Insects don’t get near LED lights. You open an ordinary light and you see mosquitoes and other insects start getting near. This is because they get attracted to wavelengths in the UV scope that ordinary lights like fluorescent and incandescent lights emit. Such is not the case with LED lights so you don’t see insects flying around them.

LED lights help keep food fresh. Ever noticed how LED is used in supermarkets to illuminate meat? They aren’t just meant to make meat look fresh, but really, they are there to keep the meat last longer. Because they don’t have UV rays, LED lights also do not reduce the nutrient levels in meat. In essence, they make meat last longer.

No hotness factor. It is really interesting why LED lights don’t get hot. They emit very little amount of heat because of the absence of heat transfer along with the light. In fact the colder it gets, the more LED light will get brighter.

LED works underwater. One very interesting fact about LEDs is that they actually help corals grow. This is why the use of LED to illuminate aquariums is increasingly gaining popularity. Another great thing is that it doesn’t overheat the water in the tank. It is used not only is it the safer choice, it is also more efficient.

LED technology has been in existence for quite some time now. As opposed to what other may think, LED has been around for decades already as the first ones were infrareds, which were developed during the 1950’s. In fact, there are some funny signs on the road.

Hey this is just part one. More to come in my next blog post!


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