The Apps You Need

If your affordable Android tablet computer is still empty of really useful apps, then read on! Your tablet should not just be a receptacle of games that you just open to waste and pass the time. You can actually use your tablet in so many ways.

Here are three apps that should be on your tablet and make it very useful.




Cost:  FREE
What it does:  One can get instant access to the latest news in global business, finance news, market data and stock market portfolios tracking.  You can also watch the latest videos from their site.
Who should download: If you are into the world of finance and banking, then this app is for you. This is very helpful if your work relies heavily on how the world markets are faring. You are updated right away if there is a significant movement in the major economic markets.
Is it worth it: Since it is free, it is worth it.  You need not open your computer just to access the website because you just need your smartphone or tablet PC to check on the latest happenings in the world of finance and economics.




Cost: FREE
What it does: This app is your weather companion wherever you may be in the world. It is available in both the iOS and Android platform.
Who should download: This app is useful for people who always find themselves travelling to different places because of work, play or leisure.  This can also be helpful for mothers and students who need to know if it is safe to venture out.
Is it worth it: It is feature-rich and customizable depending on your needs especially with the weather forecasts, widgets and it even has optional weather graphs.  It has push notifications so you can be alerted especially when extreme weather is going to happen in your area.




Cost: FREE to download the app but each comic book will cost you depending on the title.
What it does: This is a comic viewer that will surely delight those who have not let go of their childhood fascination for comic books.
Who should download:  Those who are fans of comic books should have this on their tablet PCs as viewing and reading your favorite comic series is easy and can be done anytime, anywhere.
Is it worth it: It is worth it if you love comics as much as books and music.


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