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Your affordable Android tablet PC should be a great way for you to watch animated movies. After all, unless you’re a parent, you’d be hard pressed to find someone to go with you and watch these treats for children. But do you know that among fans of animation, there are different styles and kinds that make watching them all the more interesting? 

Walt Disney movies


Why are they so popular? Disney animation is popular to children of all ages because of the moral lessons it imparts. Lessons about family, love, friendship are often the focal point of their stories.

What sets them apart from the others?
It is different since Walt Disney set the tone for animation. The company set the trend for other animators to follow, coupled with music and technology that highlighted each animation.

Most popular titles:
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is the most popular Disney movie since it was the first full length color animation released. Pinocchio is another popular one, the story of a puppet that wanted to be a boy touched the hearts of many. A modern classic, The Lion King proved to be successful for a decade for the use of computer animation.

Dreamworks movies


Why are they so popular? It is considered a serious competition for Disney. The animation style of this company seemed effortless because of the issues it raises. Plus the amazing visuals do not hurt.

What sets them apart from the others? The movies insert a lot of humor. Other animation studios focus on the human lives that are often too serious for kids. Humor attracts viewers since it is a novelty.

Most popular titles: Most famous animations are, 'How to Train your Dragon', 'Shrek', and 'Kung Fu Panda'. Each animation proved to be popular with their box office sales, specials, and TV series as well.

3G animation



Why are they so popular? 3G is popular because of the use of technology. Special effects proved to be engaging as well as impressive in the last couple of years that viewers are still hungry for more innovations.

What sets them apart from the others?
It is different from other animation because of the impressive technology used in producing each masterpiece.

Can you enjoy them on your Android tablet?
3G cartoons cannot only be seen in a big screen but also in an android since screen technology already evolved. It would be more convenient. There are Affordable Android Tablet models that can make 3G viewing more personal as well.

Most popular titles: Toy Story, as the title implies, is a story about toys that were left when the owner and his family decided to move. Another 3D movie that is popular is UP. It is a touching story of a lonely widower and a young boy and their adventure in a flying house.


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