Barber Shop or Salon? Salon or Barber Shop?

In one of my previous blog posts, I gave you tips and guidelines on putting up your own salon.

If you're a guy and actually got inspired putting up a salon after reading that post, well then go ahead and establish your kingdom. If you despised that post, then I'm sorry you had to read it and don't have the understanding to appreciate it. If you think you're making a manly point because of that, you are terribly mistaken.

Time to man up.

Barber shops may have lost their charm in the past decade or so, but salons have nothing to do with it. By all means you can put up your own barber shop after reading that last post. But if you’re thinking twice because of this decline in the popularity of barber shops, this post is meant to tell all the manly men out there why your neighborhood barber is still your go-to guy for that mohawk.

The barber is a man. So you go to a salon believing the hairdressers have all the knowledge about hairstyles. Well guess what, they really do... says your girlfriend. The next time your girlfriend sees an outdoor LED sign that flashes the word "salon" and asks the two of you to get inside, she's probably testing your manliness, so beware. If she asks you to get your haircut right then and there, she is most definitely testing your manliness.

Come on, the barber is a dude. He knows exactly what you want. He knows his way to your choice hairdo. I'm sorry, forget I even said "hairstyle." It's a term used by hairdressers.

The barber shaves. I mean, you can have the barber shave your 'stache and beard. I don't know about you but I would most certainly feel awkward asking for that service in a salon. Think about it. Good 'ol fashioned shave from the trusty razor followed by a little massage. Go ahead and have the hairstylist do it for you if you insist.

It's a great place to socialize with men in an ultra manly way. You go to a barber shop and you see mature people. You see men reading the paper. You see men talking to each other about a football game. By going there you are automatically putting yourself in an elite list of wise, manly men. Again, think about it.

Sometimes you don't need to kill, skin, cook, and eat a wild animal to be considered manly. Sometimes it's in your choice of hairdo... and where you get it from.


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